PocketSword and non-Lucene search?

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PocketSword and non-Lucene search?

David Haslam
Is PocketSword unique among SWORD based front-ends in being the only one where all searches must use the Lucene search index?  I think so.

i.e. You cannot perform a non-Lucene search with PocketSword.

With my observations about Coptic to the fore, this essentially means that you cannot use PocketSword to search modules that have a non-Roman script such as Coptic.

If it was due to which Unicode version Lucene supports, there may be other scripts such as Ethiopic Extended (added under 4.1) that present the same symptoms.

That's a strong added reason for the PocketSword developers to facilitate a non-indexed search method, at least as a user option.

Nic's already thinking about this, in view of the greater processing power of more recent Apple iOS based devices.

Best regards,